In Ukraine comes at a major European operator in gas production

В Украину заходит крупный европейский оператор по добыче газа

Over the past two years the government and Parliament of Ukraine was carried out important reforms in gas production, significant changes have passed legislation that a positive view of foreign and domestic investors.

This at a press conference on 18 December, said the Executive Director of the Association of gas companies novel opimah.

В Украину заходит крупный европейский оператор по добыче газа

“Recently, the government made a logical step, allowing to involve foreign and domestic investors, offering them investment. So, last week was the start of an online auction in which investors were invited 10 of 30. Today, the Cabinet approved the 11 agreements for the signing of agreements on distribution of products. This outstanding event, this was not many, many years, and we expect active interest from foreign companies,” – said R. opimah.

According to him, more than 40% of the plots, suggested by the Cabinet, reach almost 20 thousand square kilometers on land. Also today the government approved the comprehensive terms and conditions for participation in the development of Yuzovsky company a Czech holding YOU.

Member of the management of the company Nafta and project Manager holding a ERN Robert was Bundel said that he learned about the field Hughes exactly two years ago, in December 2016.

В Украину заходит крупный европейский оператор по добыче газа

“After careful preparation and collection of information in September of the following year, I proposed this project concern YOU and I said Yes – that’s what we wanted to do in Ukraine and that’s the investment that interesting”, – said R. was Bundil.

According to him, holding ERN is divided into two main branches. The first is the production of electricity and coal, and the second one is the so-called distribution business, which includes the distribution of gas, electricity, preserve gas.

“The company Nafta, which was to become the distributor of the Yuzovsky field, located in holding YOU in the group of the regulated business and we do not have the resources to engage in such a project, as Hughes. Briefly about our figures, last year the figure EBIDTA amounted to two billion euros, the turnover of the holding amounted to about six billion. Overall, the holding is the owner of the assets of 11 billion euros. This is a short feature and a guarantee that the investor is willing to bear all the obligations that were signed by the government of Ukraine. For the past two years, I have repeatedly met with the Prime Minister, Mr. Groisman. He, like the government in General understand that our plans are sufficiently transparent and that we have enough financial and technical resources to ensure that we could develop this project at a high level. Technical guarantor of the project will be the company Nafta, which is engaged in gas production for over a hundred years,” – concluded R. was Bundil.

The Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Ukraine Radek Matula said that the Czechs and Slovaks proved that they are reliable partners of Ukraine in Europe. According to him, in 2014, the company Eurostream beginning revenue natural gas supplies from EU to Ukraine.

В Украину заходит крупный европейский оператор по добыче газа

“More than four years we support the policy of the government of Ukraine to increase own gas production to achieve energy independence and are prepared to attract reliable European investors among the biggest oil and gas companies,” said R. Matula.

As reported by the Deputy Minister for European integration Natalia Boyko, today marks an important step towards energy independence. A step towards new investment.

At the Government meeting approved the terms of the tender for 12 new projects for the conclusion of agreements on production section. Ukraine expects to attract more than 50 billion UAH to the extraction of hydrocarbons as a result of future agreements.

Contests will be held with maximum transparency. To improve transparency, was included a provision that binds the applicants disclose information on their participants, but also the actual ultimate beneficiaries.

Applicants will have 3 months from the date of publication of the tender documentation for review, decision and registration of tender applications.

Competitive conditions include the minimum investment and term of works on the site, the main criteria of product distribution and characteristics of the agreement by the state.

В Украину заходит крупный европейский оператор по добыче газа

Thus, in 2019, the government will offer to investors at auctions and competitions, more than 40 oil and gas blocks with a total area of over 20 thousand sq. km.

A long-awaited step for the gas industry and a natural continuation of the strategic policy of increasing the volumes of domestic gas production.