In Ukraine change the rules of inspection: the essence

В Украине меняют правила прохождения техосмотра: в чем суть

In Ukraine may 1, 2019 will change the procedure for checking the technical condition of the vehicle.

About it reports a press-service of the Main service centre of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine. Innovations aimed at minimizing fraud of the protocols of obligatory technical control (OTC) says the observer.

“From may 1, 2019 paper record form will be issued by entities undertaking OTC complete with a self-adhesive label, radio frequency identification,” – said in the message.

It is noteworthy that the vehicle owner is obliged to secure the label to the top right of the windscreen, with its inner side.

It is noted that the controlling authorities will be easier to check allowed if a specific vehicle to participate in road traffic: information from self-adhesive RFID tags will soon be possible to read from a distance with the help of special technical equipment.

The changes of the TCI are approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from January 23, 2019 No. 46, which shall enter into force on 1 may.

If the owner of the vehicle, subject to obligatory technical control, received the form of the Protocol of TCI prior to the entry into force of the amendments, he will be able to use the document of the old sample prior to the expiry of its validity.

As you know, the TCI are subject to certain categories of vehicles which participate in road traffic and has passed the state registration.

Obligatory technical control of vehicles is carried out the subjects who have the right of ownership or use of equipment that allows you to check the technical condition of vehicles for compliance with road safety and environmental protection.

This ruling also implies the creation of a special registry of all entities that will have the right to OTK.