In Ukraine 80% of software is pirated origin – study

В Украине 80% программного обеспечения имеет пиратское происхождение - исследование

In Ukraine 80% of software installed on computers that do not have the required licenses.

It is reported AIN.UA with reference to the study the BSA Global Software Survey, which regularly releases Association of software producers.

In 2016 the penetration of unlicensed software in Ukraine decreased by only 2 percentage points. For comparison, in the USA the figure the use of pirated software is 15%.

The study also provides data on the volume and value of unlicensed software installed on personal computers in more than 110 countries around the world. So in Ukraine, according to the BSA, the cost of all the software installed without a license for 2017, amounted to 108 million dollars.

In monetary terms, Ukraine ranked third after Russia ($1.2 billion) and Czech Republic (149 million dollars) in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. A percentage — the sixth.

In General, the penetration of pirated software in the CEE region is 57%. About the same level (50% and above) in Asia, Latin America, Africa and the middle East. The lowest level of piracy, as expected, is observed in North America (16%) and Western Europe (26%), which has an impact on the global statistics: in the whole world the use of pirated software is 37%.

BSA noted that the use of unlicensed software contributes to the growth of cyber attacks and resultant financial losses. Infecting pirated software with malware to cost businesses worldwide in 359 billion dollars a year.

We will remind, in the Ministry of defense intend to completely abandon the services of companies that use software developed in Russia and China.

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