In Transcarpathia a village with alcoholics fenced off with barbed wire

На Закарпатье село с алкоголиками отгородили колючей проволокой

In Transcarpathia a village on the border with Romania was fenced with barbed wire. Its inhabitants told about the results of this initiative, writes politeka.

Earlier it became known that 7 kilometers of the Ukrainian-Romanian border was defended with barbed wire in the fight against smugglers. This decision was taken after due to trespassers on the border killed the mayor of Mukachevo border detachment Vadim Berezinsky. Soon after the tragic incident, in Transcarpathia arrived newly created border PATROL with special forces soldiers, trained instructors from the Baltic countries, the United States and Georgia, and the latest technology.

Despite this, the smugglers continued to try to break through the border with their illegal goods. Then it was decided to delay the border of coiled barbed wire. In addition, the guards put traps in disguise “Spotykach” to prevent attackers far away. Also the banal border clearing debris from forest and thickets, where it is convenient to hide troublemakers.

На Закарпатье село с алкоголиками отгородили колючей проволокой

“They use optical devices, night vision devices, radios, drones, auto high permeability. Where it is impossible to pass, put local in wetsuits and send it with the goods by swimming across the river. Or through the mountains carry cigarettes on a horse caravan,” — said the press service of the Western regional Department of state frontier service of Ukraine.

In turn, the residents of a local village Business said that don’t believe in the success of this venture.

“Will not help them with this fence. Special forces drinking vodka in the evenings and 60 metres cigarette drag. And so along the entire border. Cigarettes — the only real means of income. People do it not from good life, you risk going to jail…no Work. Therefore will carry the cargo and further, how would their guards nor drove. The ways and means are always there, and the authorities do not think about,” — said a local resident.

На Закарпатье село с алкоголиками отгородили колючей проволокой

According to her, now in Business there are no jobs: all who could, went abroad to work, and in the village there are some alcoholics. Local residents do not exclude that in the near future new barbed wire fence can be stolen or taken for scrap.