In Tibet, mount Kailash scientists noticed the portal extraterrestrial aliens (VIDEO)

В Тибете на горе Кайлас ученые заметили внеземной портал инопланетян (ВИДЕО)

An international group of scientists speculated on the existence of extraterrestrial aliens portal, located on the top of Kailas in Tibet.

About it reports “”.

In a Network published a photograph of the sacred mountain and found the anomalous object located in one of the valleys.

The scientific staff has long discussed the possibility of the emergence of extraterrestrial portal, which may belong to the representatives of an alien civilization.

After conducting some research, the experts said that the unusual object is located on the top of Kailas in Tibet. In the Network appeared the photographs and the video, where experts tried to draw the viewers ‘ attention to the unknown object, slightly covered with snow.

According to common legend, the mount Kailash is a “stairway to heaven” and is considered the center of the world. In many Eastern countries, many locals call it sacred. Scientists have repeatedly tried to find on the top “city of the gods”.

We will remind, earlier it was reported, the Church in Vietnam has noticed an oblong UFO.