In the West of Egypt, archaeologists found tombs from the Roman era

 На западе Египта археологи нашли гробницы Римской эпохи

The Egyptian archaeological mission working near the town of Mut in the Dakhla oasis in the West of the country, found two well-preserved tombs of the Roman period (30 BC – 312 BC), announced the Ministry of antiquities.

According to the head of the Higher Council for Affairs of antiquities of Egypt Mostafa Vaziri, from the first tomb survived a staircase with twenty steps, which leads down to a sealed entrance. Archaeologists opened the tomb and discovered the well-preserved burial chamber, made of mud bricks, Sandstone and limestone, an altar, funerary utensils,RIA Novosti reported.

The second tomb located to the East of the first burial. It also preserved the burial chamber, camera, a table for offerings. Archaeologists say that the tomb was found a wall color painting depicting scenes of embalming the dead.

According to representatives of the Ministry of Affairs of antiquities of Egypt, works in the town of Mut continue in 2002. Archaeologists have to date discovered about ten tombs Dating back to different periods of Egyptian history and in various degrees of preservation.