In the USA an unidentified object was dried pond, falling into it (PHOTO)

В США неопознанный объект высушил пруд, упав в него (ФОТО)

In Lewisburg, Tennessee, lives Patsy Wright, whose family for over a hundred years owns a small piece of land with a small pond. But last week, on Saturday pond Wright disappeared.

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В США неопознанный объект высушил пруд, упав в него (ФОТО)

Patsy noticed this when I went out as usual to walk with my dog. Instead of the usual water surface in front of her eyes appeared just round the place with wet mud and quite without water, but with an impressive hole.

В США неопознанный объект высушил пруд, упав в него (ФОТО)

The woman heard the sound of a large splash, as if something fell from the sky. According to her, it sounded as if the water had fallen, something quite large.

Wright pond was rather shallow and was just a big puddle, but it was at this place for over 100 years and not dry out. And now he’s gone.

The hole left in the bottom of the pond after falling of an unidentified object in depth is only a few feet and at the bottom it is not visible anything except a small puddle of water and mud.

At the moment the incident with the pond came to the County Sheriff’s office Marshall and him are going to start the study to avoid any serious consequences. Among the hypotheses that could fall from the sky, is space debris or a meteorite. But it can also be a piece of ice or something else.

We will remind, in the U.S. state of South Carolina to the ocean washed an unknown object. According to eyewitnesses, visually it resembles a space ship made of granite and metal of unknown type.