In the USA a gynecologist for 30 years with impunity molested female students (PHOTOS)

В США гинеколог в течение 30 лет безнаказанно домогался студенток (ФОТО)

In the US, 93 women filed a class action lawsuit against the University of southern California that the Agency for years ignored complaints of harassment gynecologist George Tyndall to patients the student medical center.

Reported by the Associated Press.

The Complainants assert that the Tyndall molested him during examinations and consultations. According to one of the victims of This Lowy (Dana Loewy), the doctor raped her in 1993. Another girl — a senior at Brennan Heil (Brennan Heil) said that the gynecologist had assaulted her when she came to see him after the rape. They both added that reported the incident to the hotline of the University, but no reaction followed.

During the investigation it emerged that since 1988, the Tyndall complained about 500 students and graduates. Some have argued that he told them the rude and allow themselves to racist cues, others that took pictures of their genitals, forced to strip naked and groped. He pleaded not guilty.

In may of Tyndall complained 52 women, seven of them sued. Then the investigation revealed that injured many more, and the school hushed up the scandal.

Now George Tindall 71, he worked as a gynecologist at the University for almost 30 years and quit last year on their own compensation. This was preceded by a suspension from work for a year because of another complaint of sexual assault.

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