In the US, the nanny is back the mother of a dead child under the guise of sleeping

 В США няня вернула матери мертвого ребенка под видом спящего

Babysitter Marissa Tietsort from Wausau, Wisconsin, returned to the dead child’s parents under the guise of sleeping. It is reported NDTV.

According to police, the woman found that the two-month boy is dead, but did not notify the parents, and put on him warm clothes and returned to the mother. First, the parents did not notice anything strange, only after some time they realized that the child was not breathing, RIA Novosti reported.

Law enforcement authorities found that the boy died before returning to the family. The nanny says that the baby died through no fault of her circumstances. However, forensic experts found on the baby’s head three wounds from blunt force. In relation to Tietsort filed a case of premeditated murder.

The suspect was accused of harming children. Earlier an eleven-month child she was minding, received a serious head injury — the woman explained that he fell off the couch. However, doctors denied this version.

Tietsort raising five children and pregnant with her sixth.