In the US, stated Russia’s desire to remove banking sanctions against North Korea – news ZIK.UA

У США заявили про бажання Росії зняти банківські санкції із КНДР – новини ZIK.UA

The U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley declared that Russian concerns about the humanitarian situation in the DPRK is due to the desire of the Russian side to withdraw banking sanctions against North Korea.

It is reported by UNN with reference to Reuters.

“What they want is the lifting of sanctions in the banking sector, we will not allow this to be done,” she said. According to Haley, “this is exactly what they (Russia) do not perform.” “So now we know what is the order of the day, we know exactly why they are trying to do, and we will not let this happen”.

Background: in December last year the UN security Council unanimously adopted a resolution on the next tightening of sanctions against North Korea in response to country 29 Nov testing of ballistic missiles.

The document introduced new restrictions on the supply of crude oil and refined petroleum products, and requires all countries to send labour migrants to the DPRK within 24 months. The resolution also provides for other limitations of supply in the DPRK industrial equipment, heavy equipment and vehicles.

As previously reported, the sanctions against Russia will remain in force until it returns Crimea.

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