In the US, fearless raccoon climbed a skyscraper to rest there

У США безстрашний єнот виліз на хмарочос, щоб відпочити там

In the U.S. city of St. Paul, Minnesota, the raccoon climbed up the wall on the 23rd floor of the skyscraper, “spider-man”.

It is reported by korrespondent.

The movement of the animal and the rescue operation was watched by millions of people. Raccoon was the “newsmaker No. 1” in America: some channels have started to broadcast live from the event. The network users started to discuss how to save the animal.

It is reported that the first animal has overcome several floors of a skyscraper, and then settled on the windowsill from the outside of the window. By noon Tuesday, the raccoon reached the 23rd floor and stopped to rest.

The raccoon noticed as early as Monday. On Tuesday, he tried to drive away, and the animal became frightened and began to rise floor by floor up. As usatoday reports, after the rescue operation, raccoon plan “to release in a safe place where no high-rise buildings”.

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