In the US a UFO very close, flew up to the people (VIDEO)

В США НЛО очень близко подлетел к людям (ВИДЕО)

Over the American Shakopee, Minnesota witnesses recorded flying UFO. Experts believe that the object was a manifestation of alien activity.

It is reported portal Дни24.

UFO eyewitnesses removed on video and posted on YouTube. The footage clearly can be seen as hovering above the beach of something like flying saucer aliens. As the shooting took place in the night time, to consider the details of the mysterious object is not possible. The voice-over notes that the alien ship.

With video reviewed ufologists, who note that so close a contact with the alien ship, very rare, so they were surprised that the operator was alive and posted the video on the Network. According to experts, usually the aliens didn’t allow himself to shoot so close. Most likely, the man was lucky as he remained undetected, otherwise the aliens wouldn’t let himself be captured.

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