In the United States lost in the woods the boy said that he saved the bear

 В США потерявшийся в лесу мальчик рассказал, что его спас медведь

Three-year-old American boy from North Carolina, walked two days through the woods, said that he saved the bear. About it writes Daily Mail.

According to the newspaper, the child disappears from the backyard of the house my great-grandmother while playing with his brother and sister,reports RIA Novosti.

The search for the missing joined hundreds of volunteers, the FBI, and were connected to the helicopters and drones.

Of particular concern for rescuers was that the child was too lightly dressed and could get frostbite in freezing temperatures. Due to adverse weather conditions the search was delayed for two days.When rescuers managed to find the boy, he said that he spent all that time in the woods in the company of his new friend — a black bear that gave him to freeze.

“God sent a friend to protect. Miracles do happen,” said the aunt of the child.

According to doctors, the health of the baby is not in danger.