In the United States frozen Niagara falls (PHOTOS)

В США замерз Ниагарский водопад (ФОТО)

In the United States due to the severe frosts partially frozen Niagara falls.

The cold snap in the region was due to a strong winter storm, CNN reports.

The outer layer of the water falls froze completely.

В США замерз Ниагарский водопад (ФОТО)

Arriving tourists are photographed against a stationary cascades of frozen water. In 2018 the Niagara falls partially froze for the cold snap.

Recall that in the third decade of January in Ukraine deteriorated weather conditions. 23 January snowfalls are observed in Vinnytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Odesa, Mykolayiv, Cherkasy, Kyiv, Chernivtsi regions, where it dropped to 10 cm of snow, in the Nikolaev area – up to 22 cm of snow. In other regions there is little snow.

Earlier it was reported that on the morning of 23 January in Kiev, the level of traffic on the roads has reached 9 points.