In the United States fell a snowstorm: there are casualties, canceled more than 1,600 flights

На США обрушился снежный ураган: есть человеческие жертвы, отменено свыше 1600 авиарейсов

Yesterday, January 13, at the United States struck a powerful snow storm, which led to numerous casualties. Two States, Kansas and Missouri, due to a snow storm in the accident killed seven people.

In the country’s airports yesterday was cancelled 1 624 flight, the majority of cancellations occurred in the airports Washingtoh and Dallas, reports Reuters.

In addition, 3 113 flight was delayed. The Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam has declared the region a state of emergency due to natural disaster.

Emergency service warned residents of ten States about a possible hurricane, but the reality exceeded all expectations and forecasts.

Earlier, the hurricane in Kiev has fallen off the front of the house in the capital.