In the United States experienced the most powerful “king of bombs”: eerie footage

В США испытали мощнейшие "царь-бомбы": жуткие кадры

The U.S. air force published a video testing two heavy duty “king of bombs” GBU-57 Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP), which was dropped from a bomber B-2 Spirit.

The video was posted on the YouTube channel The Aviationist, reports the observer.

The footage shows how the MOP in the dark begins to rise. He further discloses stabilizers and flies to earth. At the time of contact with the surface there is a small explosion and rises a giant pillar of fire.

Bombs were developed at Boeing in 2007 for destruction of bunkers. The weight is 13.6 tons, a munition capable of penetrating deep into the soil to 61 meters and punching the 19-meter-thick reinforced concrete.

Upgraded in 2018 GBU-57 (and this is 4-th upgrade) has more options to defeat buried targets. Warhead weight of American bombs is more than 2.8 T.