In the United States died a famous Ukrainian comedian, a native of Odessa

В США умер знаменитый украинский комик, уроженец Одессы

In the United States died party and the author of the first jokes of KVN team in Odessa, journalist and satirist Simon Livshin from a serious illness.

This was told on his page in Facebook his friend, the poet Valery Khait, adding that it happened in San Diego.

“Died famous Odessa, once my close, and in recent years, in a literal sense, a distant friend Simon Livshin. About it today have written a lot of good words and in “FB”, and various other electronic and paper media. Wrote sincerely, truthfully and fairly,” wrote Chait.

He said that he met Mr. Levchinym in 1966 for the WHC. Satirist he was struck by his ability to improvise on any topic.

“The humor it was dense, rich, it was a literary play on words. Phrase was formed instantly and, even though they clearly sounded Odessa, they were deprived of vulgarity and the bad of exotic Odessa, where the mangling of the speech with all the “skill” does not replace real humor. I love Seeds and I remember for several years was engaged in that at the slightest opportunity “treated” them with their already numerous by that time, friends,” added the poet.

He recalled that Livshin was the primary author of the team that became the champion of Odessa in 1966. In the national team to the famous satirist was added to the famous trio – humor Valentine Nettle, Yuri Makarov and Yuri Volovich, and in 1971 – Garik Golubenko. In the future, it was a successful team for years to come.

“Graduates, like me, the construction Institute, Simon had already been known in Odessa as a journalist. Headed in the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Iskra” division “Kozlotura” (see “Constellation Kozlotura” Fazil Iskander) wrote an ironic prose, parody, witty Odessa songs. Time was, life was made harder, KVN covered, stagnation was intense, and semen colleagues continued to engage in satire. Since July 1973, in Odessa “Vecherka” has created a Department of “Wildebeest”. Simon was a man of deeds. He first, repeating the way the famous Odessa writers, went to Moscow, where he worked in “news”, and then created the journal “MAGAZIN zhvanetskogo”. Then he moved with his family forever in the USA and again created, discovered, invented – this time the comic newspaper “O KAY!” explained Chait.

According to him, Levsin worked, wrote, taught, published, judged, helped and advised, but was very careful. On the departure overseas of close friends found out at the last moment.

Satirist was the 80th year. He in recent years has published several books and collaborated with the American League of KVN. During the life Levshina were awarded with the prize “Aleko” and “the Golden calf”.

We will remind, on January 16 the result of a serious illness took the life of the Transcarpathian musician, ex-member of the group Tequila Band Vasyl Kokhan.