In the United States decided to calculate the real vampires living in the country

В США решили подсчитать настоящих вампиров, живущих в стране

Vampires are fantasy creatures, convinced many people. However, this is not true: the Daily Star reports that the 31-year-old Logan South and 30-year-old Daley Ketri decided to organize a community of vampires in Texas. Slowly the way of life of a couple copy other people.

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Some habits of the spouses correspond to those which were peculiar to vampires. So, Logan and Delhi do not go to the sunlight: they perform most of the work at night. The upgrade they have going on at 15:00 and dinner is at 03:00, and bedtime at 08:00.

During the first meal of the day Daley is usually viewing social networks and email, and during the first half of the day, or rather night caring for Pets – feeding them and playing with them. Then at 20:00 followed by the dinner, said the woman.

At the moment the pair 60 community members. Monthly, participants gather to discuss some problems or simply for fun.

Daley said that the vampire community is huge. In the United States alone there are more than 50 thousand. In large cities even have a court to vampires. Each community has its own laws and rules. For example, in the team of Logan and the daily leader is selected by voting, every vampire has the right to vote.

During the meetings the vampires to pierce the tips of your fingers before you start to drink the blood from the body. Some vampires wear fangs and lenses. Daly notes that vampirism is not a religion, at any time to abandon this way of life.

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