In the United States called the European Union’s support of the “Nord stream-2” is unacceptable

В США назвали поддержку Евросоюзом «Северного потока-2» неприемлемой

Assistant Secretary of state for European and Eurasian Uess Mitchell said that the support of the European countries in North flow-2 is unacceptable.

He stated this on Thursday, 17 October, speaking at a conference at the Atlantic Council in Washington, reports “Correspondent”.

“Western Europeans are unable to deepen the energy dependence from the Russia, from which the United States protect them. Or to enrich themselves from Iran, which is developing ballistic missiles that threaten Europe. Unacceptable to US allies in Central Europe to support projects like Nord stream-2”, − said the assistant Secretary.

Earlier it was reported that Germany did not intend to yield to the US pressure, calling to abandon the construction of the gas pipeline Nord stream-2.

Note, the permission for laying a new pipeline under the Baltic sea in its exclusive economic zone was issued by Germany, Sweden and Finland. At the moment only Denmark has delayed solution.

Also, earlier in the document published by the Ministry of Finance on 26 September it was reported that the implementation of the Russian “Gazprom” gas pipeline project “Nord stream-2” is one of the major fiscal risks for Ukraine.

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