In the U.S., has developed a laser gun: jamming and blinding people with short pulses

В США разработали лазерную пушку: глушит и ослепляет людей короткими импульсами

The US is developing laser weapons that burn human skin at a distance, to hit the offensive potential of the enemy.

This writes Newsweek.

According to journalists, the weapon is non-lethal in nature.

A prototype gun called “Scalable compact ultrashort pulse laser system” (SCULPS). It can be installed on small tactical vehicles or other platforms to control flow of the crowd. On this edition said the chief scientist of the Department of defense of the United States on non-lethal weapons David Lo.

The gun consists of two laser systems. One of them shoots very short pulses of concentrated infrared radiation. Each shot lasts one quadrillion part of a second and splits the electrons in the air, creating an invisible inert sphere of plasma near or on purpose. And then another laser shoots more long pulses of infrared light plasma sphere, creating a series of flashes with three different effects.

In low intensity detonation will create the sound of a voice command, warnings like: “Stop! Not a step further!”. At the highest intensity level weapons will be able to create a visual and audible warning that can temporarily blind and stun the target. In addition, the laser can create a localized thermal shocks on the skin, causing pain to the victims.

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