In the tomb of Tutankhamen found the weapons of aliens

В могиле Тутанхамона нашли оружие инопланетян

The weapon could be made from alien metal

Scientists in the tomb of Tutankhamen found proof that the ancient Egyptians may have had contact with aliens.

Unusual iron dagger found in the tomb of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen for a long time could not study scientists who argue that a melee weapon could be made from alien metal. This led scientists to the idea that the daggers could be made using alien technology. Archaeologist mark Altaweel said that a couple of the knives found Explorer Howard Carter in 1922, reports

“The quality of these daggers is fantastic. They are made from iron, which in the time of Tutankhamun did not yet exist, using technology that appeared only centuries later, when people have become experts in the creation of iron,” added Altawil. For this reason, the archaeologist believes that these daggers could actually belong to an alien race.