In the Russian Khabarovsk dismembered roommate from Ukraine

В российском Хабаровске расчленили квартиранта из Украины

It tried to eat the landlady

Near Khabarovsk (Russia) 80-the summer pensioner have killed and dismembered roommate from Ukraine who worked as a janitor. Fragments of the body of 52-year-old man was found January 30 on the street in the village of Berezovka.

Later police found his blood in the housing of the old woman. The woman was taken into custody, the press service of the Investigative Committee of Russia in the Khabarovsk region, reports

According to Telegram channel NTV, severed with the ax body parts suspect packaged and made in the trash. One of the bags ripped stray dog and pulled out his hand, which brought the yard where children were playing. They told us all adults and they called the police.

In turn, the publication DVHab writes that the pensioner in addition to murder suspect in cannibalism — the inside of the man found in her refrigerator.

The Investigative Committee data on cannibalism is not confirmed, nor denied. “In the interests of the business we can not disclose more information than is listed on the official website. It can disrupt the course of the investigation”, — quotes the law enforcement Sign.

According to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the woman previously worked as sabishisa on a pig farm.

The neighbors the old woman said that she drank and often staged conflicts. Living on the floor below the man remembered that in the alleged night of the murder, from blows on top of his apartment shook the chandelier. In addition, residents of the house where the murder occurred, say that the woman’s apartment at night were often heard loud knocking, like the chopping.

People also believe that the dead man is not the only victim of the pensioner. Informed of her apartment disappeared, another resident recently sold the apartment woman. Her passport was found at the pensioner. In addition, several years ago, a lost little girl, living next door to a murderer. The child is not found to this day.