In the period of thaw is to replace coffee, Linden tea – medic

В период оттепели стоит заменить кофе липовым чаем - медик

Abrupt warming and change in atmospheric pressure is fraught with exacerbations of chronic diseases, vertigo and migraines, because it is so important to take measures in time, especially in spring, when the body is weakened.

About that reporter, ГолосUA the doctor told Victoria Savitskaya.

Thaw after a frost, temperature changes and atmospheric pressure is fraught with exacerbations of chronic diseases, vertigo and migraines. Especially sharply felt in the late winter and early spring, when the body is weakened and exhausted by lack of sunlight.

“Any change in the weather and otherwise affect our condition, but healthy people often don’t even notice it. The danger arises if you are prone to migraines or suffer from weather dependent. Even more dangerous if disturbed blood circulation, such as atherosclerosis, osteoarthritis, high cholesterol, back problems and spine. All this leads to the outflow of blood from the brain, that is actually the brain does not receive the necessary feed,” says the doctor.

At least in the first days of changing temperatures is to give up alcohol and coffee. To cope with hypoxia will help daily consumption of Linden tea, if unpleasant symptoms do not leave you for a few days – it makes sense to see a specialist, probably about the signal the body for help.

The doctor reminds: if you meteozavisimosti, it is important to avoid any overloading. Both physical and emotional.

“If you play sports, workout in the gym or strength fitness it is better to replace yoga or exercise. But to completely abandon the physical loading is not necessary. First, all possible exercises improve the tone of blood vessels, second, they contribute to the production of endorphins – a hormone that improves our mood.

Will also help a simple light massage the neck area, which will remove the burden, it is effective for headaches and dizziness and very uplifting,” added the expert.