In the occupied Crimea ridiculed the Russian liner-loser – news ZIK.UA

Users of social networks in Russian-occupied Crimea are discussing the long-suffering Russian ship “Prince Vladimir”, which came from Sochi to Yalta, but after the arrival still could not approach the shore.

As reports the edition “Crimea. Reality,” the vessel, which in Russia is called the “cruise ship”, from the very beginning of his work on the Crimean line failed. In April, the release of the vessel from Sochi to Crimea postponed due to a malfunction, and in may for smoke in the engine compartment. In June, the flight still took place, but it didn’t sell half the tickets.

В окупованому Криму висміяли російський лайнер-невдаху – новини ZIK.UA

Not surprisingly, now every release liner-losers calls the attention of the public.

Technically the ship has not been able to approach large waves at sea, but commentators in social networks report that the true reason for the breakage of the liner.

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In the end, “Prince Vladimir” still managed to approach to Yalta. However, the next scheduled stop in Sevastopol decided to cancel. Having spent some time near Yalta shore, the ship went back to Sochi.

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