In the North of France discovered over a century of German submarine (VIDEO)

На севере Франции обнаружили столетнюю немецкую подлодку (ВИДЕО)

In the North of France near the coast discovered a sunken German submarine during the First world war.

It is reported by Euronews.

The metal frame of the submarine about 50 feet in length, which has long lain in silt, exposed in coastal waters near the town of wissant due to currents and strong undertow.

This submarine is stuck in shallow water in July 1917 because of a miscalculation in navigation.

“She was stranded just because it was a destroyer. He had to lay mines. But to do this it was necessary to approach the shore, because in the open sea from England to France were strained network to combat submarines. The submarine came too close to the beach,” said local guide Vincent Schmitt.

When the submarine ran aground, crew evacuated. The submarine blew up, so she went to the enemy. The noise attracted the attention of the military patrol, which soon delayed the German sailors on the shore.

Meanwhile, off the coast of Argentina is missing submarine with the crew.