In the new year without surprises. Police said the holidays don’t become a victim of thieves

 Новый год без сюрпризов. Полиция рассказала, как в праздники не стать жертвой воров

The national police are urging the public to be vigilant during the winter holidays, when most likely the housing and pickpocketing.

“It is easier to prevent than to rectify adverse consequences, and that the holidays were quiet, with no bad events, the police have issued some guidance on self-defense,” reads the press release of the General Inspectorate of police (GIP), quoted by MOLDPRES.

“Avoid large concentrations of people in public transport, at bus stops and in the stores; do not store in the same place purse, ID, keys, etc.; do not keep money in the back pockets of the garment; do not leave in car on mind mobile phones, bags, and other valuables. Never leave the vehicle documents in the car or other important documents,” warns the ISU.

In addition, the police should increase security measures for residential buildings during the absence of the owners. “Ask the neighbors or family to watch the house, and, if necessary, immediately call the police; talk about leaving only to authorized persons; close hermetically all Windows and doors; do not leave valuables and money at home,” warned the police.

ISU also urges citizens not to abuse alcohol, not to drive drunk and to be careful when using pyrotechnics.

“We wish all the citizens of Moldova happy holidays, and if you are a victim of crime, immediately call the 112 Service”, – stated in the press release of GIP.