In the match of the 15th round of the Premier League “Karpaty” lost to “Zorya” – news ZIK.UA

У матчі 15-го туру Прем’єр-ліги «Карпати» у гостях програли «Зорі» – новини ZIK.UA

Today, November 10, Lvov “Carpathians” on departure has played against Zorya Luhansk in the match of the 15th round of the Premier League season 18/19. The match in Zaporozhye, “Slavutich-Arena” ended with the victory of the nominal home team with the score 2:1.

Football. Men. Ukrainian Premier League 2018/2019. The match of the 15th round


10 Nov. Start – 17:00. Zaporizhia. “Slavutich-Arena”. Cloudy. +2°C.

Referee – Dennis Schurman (Vyshneve, Kyiv region).

Assistant referees: Andriy Eremeyev (Mykolaiv), Vladimir Curibita (Lutsk).

Fourth official – Ivan Bondar (Kyiv).

The FFU delegate Volodymyr Volodin (Kherson).

Observer of arbitration – Viktor Shvetsov (Odessa).

ZARYA: L. Philippe, One, Gordienko, Khomchenovskyy, Mickle, Vernidub, Timchik, Karavaev, Mayboroda (Gromov, 57), Silas (Kharatin, 77), Arveladze (Ldnw, 86).

Subs Not Used: Makharadze, Kabaw, Cheberko.

Head coach Yuriy vernydub.

KARPATY: Shevchenko, Miroshnichenko, Boroday, Kovtun, Lebedenko, Di Franco (Dad, 89), Klotz, Ponda, Swedish (Vargas, 81), Carrascal (Myakushko, 77), Gutsulyak.

Subs Not Used: Kuchinsky, Megrims, Palm, Mendes.

Head coach Jose Morais.

Goals: Khomchenovskyy, 16, Gordienko, 70 From Sweden, 34.

Warning: Silas, 66, Kharatin, 90+1, Timchik, 90+3 – Ponda, 51, Miroshnichenko, 78, Carrascal, 76.

“Karpaty” started very quickly – not the start of the meeting they were able to score Alexei Kovtun, says the Information center of FC “Karpaty”. Defender Lviv was shot after a corner but the ball flew above the gate. The hosts responded sharper. First, Alexander Karavayev from close range hit the crossbar Nikita Shevchenko. Later on a shock position was Alexander One. Already accustomed to the defender’s shot heel, but a shot cause I couldn’t. Starting activity of the teams ended. Jorge Carrascal clocked several opponents, but his run ended with a shot – the ball went near the right post of the gate, Luis Felipe.

In the 16th minute Luhansk opened the account. The hosts attacked down the left flank, which ended with the fact that Artem Gordienko comfortably passed the ball to Dmitry Homanovska in the centre of the box. The football player of “Dawn” in focus shot Shevchenko – 1:0. “Karpaty” has not kept itself waiting. The green-whites earned a free-kick and originally it was played. Dmitry Clots passed to Mariana of Sweden, who pulled the ball several metres and struck powerfully with his left. Masterpiece goal by Karpaty”, which Andriy Shevchenko caused only in the reserve list of the national team. In a minute the guests took advantage of a mistake in midfield and was finally able to turn the game on its head – the Swede brought Carrascal on a date with the goalkeeper, however the ball after blow of the Colombian hit the post.

The second half started pretty slow – paced game often knocked by the Ref. For this game, are better adapted owners who have successfully used one of the many standards. Submission from the corner flag found in the centre of the goalmouth Gordienko, who was left alone in front of the gate “Carpathians”. Chances to hit the ball Shevchenko was not.

In the attack game Karpaty not particularly resorted Lvov mostly defended. In the middle of the second half, a nasty injury received Oleg Boroday. In the fight the defender of the “lions” got hit in the face by Karavaeva. Although the referee decided that fouled the player of “Karpaty”. Fortunately, the doctors managed to stop the bleeding and Boroday was able to continue the game.

Before the final whistle, the green-whites failed to seriously disturb Luiz Felipe. Even out on the field Serhiy Miakushko, Rodrigo Vargas and debutant Papa Gueye has not helped the “lions” – “the Dawn” managed to bring the game to victory.

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