In the East of Turkey captured the mysterious object

На востоке Турции запечатлели загадочный объект

In the East of Turkey device private American company Digital Globe has noticed something odd: the object protruding from the ice at the altitude of 4.5 kilometers.

About it reports The Daily Express.

Professor porcher is Taylor working at the University of Richmond, suggested that the observed object is part of Noah’s ark. The Bible says that Noah ran aground on mount Ararat some land.

All public images of the area restricted, because the territory is a border. This implies that the learning object is possible only at the expense of the equipment of private companies.

The apparatus QuickBird, who made the discovery, was launched in 2003 with one goal – to find the remains of the ark described in the Bible. Taylor noted that found the legendary ship must have a truly biblical dimensions, of course, if it was seen the ark of Noah. In the near future, the Network should appear with new photos of the finds.

Earlier in Antarctica was discovered a mysterious triangular object.