In the Donbas panic: the United States and the APU come!

На Донбассе подняли панику: США и ВСУ наступают!

The leader of “DNR” Denis Pushilin declared that Ukraine together with the United States and the United Kingdom is preparing a large-scale military operation.

As reported one of the resources of the invaders of his word, the American experts have supposedly prepared processed fighting poisons shell fragments for future combat operations, reports the observer.

The terrorist said that the aim of the operation is supposedly “giving credibility to accusations of “DNR” and Russia”. Also he decided to scare the peaceful population of Donbass, saying, “mass casualties”.

“Operation koordiniruyutsya military attaches and personnel representatives of special services of the USA and the UK. Western military intelligence on the basis of the waste in Syria the technique has already been painted for the Kiev regime’s plan of action,” said occupier.

He also broke into allegations that Ukraine allegedly created the analogue of the Syrian White helmets, which as conceived by the Western partners of Kiev have to fix the consequences of the poisoning of the population and to falsify the video, which “prove involvement in the inhumane actions of the militia and Russia.”