In the days of magnetic storms, the nervous system becomes most vulnerable – the doctor

В дни магнитных бурь нервная система становится наиболее уязвимой - врач

10 and 19 October are considered for weather-sensitive people difficult, the impact of the storms will be felt for a few days, and also the 19th number.

The correspondent of ГолосUA the doctor told Victoria Savitskaya.

Magnetic storms are a fairly complex phenomenon associated with anomalous magnetic fluctuations. Increased solar activity seen after solar flares, when the space hit the particles of the plasma, and, despite the fact that all this is happening in an unreachable distance from us, many people complain that they feel the deterioration of health, mood or lack of energy in those days or periods.

According to experts, officially meteodependent people only about 10% of the total population, but in practice, them about half. Because the weather sensitivity is manifested not only dizziness, a sharp decrease of immunity, irregular pressure and other is known to all the symptoms, but also a number of signs which many people perceive as insomnia, lethargy and fatigue, or simply the aggravation of a chronic disease.

“All the symptoms meteozavisimosti and deterioration of health during magnetic storms associated primarily with the functioning of the nervous system, because it is most susceptible to such factors. Because to alleviate their condition in the days of magnetic storms, we must, first and foremost, to take care of its protection – to reduce to the extent possible to minimize stress, exercise, good sleep and learn to relax,” – said the doctor.

Many in the days of magnetic storms, not even knowing what is the reason, feel excessive fatigue and irritability. Because going to the gym, any power load, long trip, an important business meeting it is better to postpone for a few days. All planned work should try to make the most of in advance or, if possible, to postpone at least for a day, to the most “difficult” day to avoid excessive exercise and stress.

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