In the Chinese hotel untidiness played a cruel joke with the thief (VIDEO)

В китайской гостинице неопрятность сыграла злую шутку с вором (ВИДЕО)

In the Chinese city of Wangji, Anhui province, the thief was caught because of the strong-smelling feet.

This publication reports the Daily Mail.

The man tried to get into the hotel until the entrance no one was watching. He removed his shoes so as not to make noise, and on tiptoe crept through the foyer. Caution did not help: the owner of the hotel smelled his feet from the other room.

He rushed out into the lobby and chased the thief who fled. He managed to overtake him in the Parking lot. After his arrest, the suspect admitted that on the same day robbed several hotels. According to him, he went for it because I needed the money.