In the center of Chisinau there was a huge pit

 В центре Кишинева появилась огромная яма

Roads in the country are becoming worse every day, and people are disappointed by their quality.

In the capital there was a huge hole. According to the Facebook photos published in the HBOT group, the damaged asphalt is on the street of the Blvd at the intersection with Sfatul ţării.Drivers are urged to avoid this area.

On this issue supported the acting mayor of Chisinau Ruslan Codreanu. On his page in social networks facebook, he stated that they repeatedly contacted the APA-Canal to patch up a huge hole.

“We have contacted APA-Canal to encourage immediately to plug the hole in the street Schusev. I repeatedly warned them and Termoelectrica on the necessity of timely and qualitative repair works of asphalt pavement after the modernization of engineering networks. These two companies have contracts with the economic agents regarding the performance of these works, but unfortunately, they did not monitor the completion and quality of repairs.

Because these problems arise quite often, we have asked TSA to develop a draft decision on the imposition of fines to economic agents that do not perform adequately reinstatement after repair of utilities and included them in the black list. The document must be submitted for approval to the municipal Council, ” – said the acting mayor of Chisinau Ruslan Codreanu.

 В центре Кишинева появилась огромная яма