In the Caribbean found a fish with a horse head (PHOTO)

На Карибах нашли рыбу с конской головой (ФОТО)

The network is widely distributed photo found on the Caribbean fishes, whose head strikingly resembles a horse.

About it reports a site “news of the world”.
На Карибах нашли рыбу с конской головой (ФОТО)

According to the conjectures of Internet users, the fish was definitely deep-sea lived at a depth of several kilometers, where you do not get the rays of light. This, to some extent, indicate a rudimentary eye fish, which are unlikely to see something.

About the size of the creatures is not reported, rendering it difficult to judge what constitutes a fish.

When you look at the photo, it catches the eye of massive teeth, most likely allowed to hunt large prey.

Many were interested in the fact that the eyes of the creatures planted on the sides and front. Being 100% was severe predator, experts said.

However, among users there were sane skeptics believe that this is another “divorce” for the gullible. In their opinion, the photo is of a doll or a horse’s head, to which is attached a tail.

Also, we have previously reported that British scientists found the remains of a Megalodon – the amazing shark that lived in the distant past. According to recent studies, the creation reached a length of 16 metres and weighed in at over 47 tons.

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