In the capital there is a growing number of patients with influenza and SARS

 В столице растет количество больных гриппом и ОРВИ

73 children are now in the children’s infectious diseases hospital in Chisinau with the flu. The number of patients in recent days has increased by 30%. Doctors are working on a half-two rates, and drugs for hospital booked two months in advance.

“Last week there were days when applied to 95 patients. That is a lot, considering that the hospital only one hundred beds,” said Director of the municipal children’s infectious hospital Lyudmila Burke.

In public transport, meanwhile, are taking measures of prevention. Disinfection of the trolleys is carried out six times a day.

“Concentration dezinficiruyusch substances increased in half for best effect. So the risk to get less,” – said the Director of trolleybus Park Yuri Plamadeala.

In kindergartens also were more likely to do wet cleaning. All the rooms twice a day, long air.

“Children will not become infected. We all thoroughly my special tools”.

“Educators are obliged every morning to check with their parents to prevent sick children”, – said the Director of the kindergarten Lyudmila Alexey.

To tea children required to produce a lemon, and they wash their hands more often than usual.

According to Ministry of health, from complications caused by the flu last week died three people, including an eight-month child. Also last week registered 16 thousand cases ORVI is 44% more than the previous week.