In the area of the border with Latvia noticed Russian intelligence

В районе латвийской границы заметили российскую разведку

Military aircraft of NATO, who were patrolling the airspace over the member countries of the Alliance, noticed near the border of Latvia Russian military aircraft. Reports the information in this content appeared on page National armed forces of Latvia in Twitter, writes replyua.

According to the Latvian NAF, patrol aircraft recorded over the Baltic sea Il-20 Military air forces of the Russian Federation.

It is worth noting that the Russian military ships and planes more recently have increasingly started to notice near the borders of the Baltic States. Their presence in this region intensified after he escalated the conflict with Ukraine in connection with the attack on Navy ships in the Kerch Strait, which resulted in the deterioration of Russia’s relations with the West. However, Russia does not resort to violation of air and sea spaces of countries, but the exploration plane is a threat to civil aviation.