In the American Church the congregation began to pour beer news ZIK.UA

A Christian Church in California decided that a little wine to the congregation and opened his own brewery.

About it reports “Worldreligionnews”.

В американській церкві парафіянам почали наливати пиво – новини ZIK.UA

Community Church “Higher purpose” has opened his own eponymous brewery for parishioners. To discuss theological questions can now be with a glass of cold beer. A location for the brewery was the former room of a bookstore in the commercial part of the Church.

According to pastor Christopher van Hall, combined in the temple of God with the brewery, there’s nothing moral is moral, because Jesus himself did not condemn the use of wine. “The monks from time immemorial brewed beer and the most famous in this field Trappist (monks of the Cistercian Order of strict observance) who were engaged in it in the 17th century,” says pastor Christopher.

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