In Sumy lift killed toddler: find out the cause of the tragedy

В Сумах лифт убил малыша: выяснилась причина трагедии

Who is to blame?

The damage to the Elevator in Sumy, which killed two-month-old baby was caused, most likely, incorrect repair, which carried out informed the mechanic.

This was stated by the head of the local Prosecutor Valery Mogilny. According to him, the reason “unauthorized lowering of lift” when opening the doors are the wrong actions electromechanics LLC “Msxart” reports

Previously it was reported that the Elevator is constantly breaking down.

“Most likely because of the numerous complaints electrician and made their actions – in particular, in an unspecified way by attaching wire to the two terminals it is, in fact, allowed the Elevator cab to move between floors when opening the doors. We believe, therefore, that when the grandfather with the wheelchair out of the Elevator car, someone on other floors underneath, just pressed the call button and the Elevator went down illegally. It is because of this and did this tragedy,” he explained.