In Spain a man killed and dismembered a girl from Russia: body found in freezer

В Испании мужчина убил и расчленил девушку из России: тело нашли в морозилке

In Spain have arrested alleged killer of the girl, a dismembered body which was found in a freezer in a house in Alcala de Henares.

It is reported by El Pais.

According to the publication dead is named Daria. In childhood the girl from Russia and her two brothers were adopted by a Spanish foster family.

42-year-old Manuel Moreno and 22-year-old Daria were together for more than two years, the Spaniard even made on the forearm tattoo with the name of a sweetheart.

Law enforcement officers believe that the man could commit murder about fifteen years ago. Of the autopsy, the girls were not because it was frozen. The identity of dismembered man is not yet officially determined, but investigators have no doubt that these are the remains of Daria.

The girl stopped communicating with the family in October 2017 — the relationship with the foster family were not the best.

Before Christmas in December 2018 mother Daria tried to contact her. To do this she failed and went to the police.

It is clarified that prior to her arrest Manuel worked in one of city bars. The owner Veronica Navarro stated that shocked by what happened. Man she describes as a professional in their field, who care serving customers.

Moreno himself refuses to testify and communicate with investigators.

Also, recall that on 10 February in Rivne oblast criminals brutally beat and then shot and killed the inhabitant of one of villages of the obstacles for the development of drug trafficking.