In Singapore pervert peeking under the skirt of the girls got on video

В Сингапуре извращенец заглядывал под юбку девушки и попал на видео

In Singapore pervert used cellphone to peep under the girls skirt and caught on video.

It is reported by news portal Stomp.

Recorded by the recorder in the car accidental witness. A man named Kenneth tan was talking on the phone sitting in his car. He saw past the two men and the girl. Tan noticed that one of the men crouched a little and placed under the skirt girls phone.

The witness was not sure of what he saw and reviewed the video from the recorder. The footage shows how the girl’s feet lights flash the phone camera.

Tang immediately reported the video to police. About the arrest of the pervert is not reported.

We will remind, on the territory of Lviv region is the trial of 38-year-old man who in June of this year, raped his own five year old daughter. The accused was a resident of one of villages of the Nikolaev area.

Previously in China Thursday, 3 January, resulted in the execution of a death sentence against the serial killer and rapist Gao Canyon.