In Serbia, the goat ate the owners of 20 thousand euros

В Сербии коза съела у хозяев 20 тысяч евро

In Central Serbia goat named Squirrel ate €20 thousand in cash from the home, then she decorated the dining table.

It is reported portal Аrandjelovacinfo.

The incident occurred in the village Ranilovic family farmers Simic, which produced a large sum to buy land. The money they put on the table, as expected the seller to sign the contract.

As told reporters Milena simić, at some point her father-in-law went to feed the cattle and noticed that the front door remained open. The goat, which lived for several years, took advantage of this opportunity and went into the house.

“When we heard rustling and noise, my husband went to see what was happening, and then it just shot enough. Goat Squirrel ate all the money off the table, there are only about €300, everything else was torn or swallowed” — she complained.

According to the woman, after the incident her husband all the time “is silent and stares”.

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