In Serbia banned the production of fur

 В Сербии запретили производство меха

In Serbia came into effect a ban on the breeding and killing of animals for fur production, reports Klix.

“The ban was passed in 2009, but its entry into force was postponed for 10 years to those who engaged in this activity, you could prepare your own business”, – stated in the message.

The reason for the cancellation of the permit for the breeding and killing of animals for the production of fur is not only ethical, but also ecological, writes the Correspondent.

A law allowing the breeding of animals, excluding dogs and cats, is valid until 2028.

Today completely banned the activity of the enterprises of fur industry Austria, UK, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Macedonia and Slovenia.

A number of countries have established transition periods for the final termination of such proceedings (Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina), or imposed such harsh conditions for the implementation of the activities that these countries already don’t breed animals for fur (Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain).