In Russia wanted to rape a cat person

В РФ разыскивают изнасиловавшего кошку человека

Novorossiysk law enforcement officers are wanted raped a cat person. It is known that near the house on Anapskoe shosse, a janitor had discovered the animal turned inside out genitals and rectum.

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On finding employee municipal bodies told one of the locals. Subsequently, information came to the volunteers of the community helping the homeless animals that transmitted the cat to the vet. Doctors noted that the patient of the veterinary clinic was a victim of sexual violence. Presumably, it was made by a man. Local residents reported that the suspect in the incident individuals adolescence.

In Novorossiysk encouraged to find the animal attacked a person. According to local media, in the press center of the city internal Affairs on this fact law enforcement agencies have already started to check.

Previously under the lions raped the girl.

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