In Russia there was a terrible suicide among victims of child – news ZIK.UA

In Russia (Udmurtia, city of Glazov) there was a triple suicide.

Reports about it Apostrophe.

So, the two women decided to commit suicide, taking with him 8-year-old child. The tragedy occurred on the street Pekhtin. All three fell from the roof of nine-storey building and crashed to death. At the place of work of operational services of the city.

According to local residents, near high-rise buildings found the bodies of relatives – women, her mother and her girl about nine years old.

The social network wrote that women had a deliberate plan for the implementation of suicide. The child did not want to die, she decided to have. It is also reported that women were left in the apartment, one year old child.

“In Udmurtia, the grandmother, mother and granddaughter jumped from the roof. The family lived in Glazov. First jumped off a 35-year-old mother Anne. She pulled him and 8-year-old daughter of Age, the girl jumping is not wanted. Followed by the 55-year-old grandmother Elena. Women were preparing to settle scores with life: mother Vicky even told the teacher that the family comes to celebrate the New Year. In the apartment there was a year-old child. The family was considered prosperous. Next to them was a note with the names of women – apparently, to quickly set face. Explanations in it. In place practi investigators” – this message appeared on the page public Glazov.

У Росії сталося страшне самогубство, серед жертв дитина – новини ZIK.UA

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