In Russia spoke about the coup

В России заговорили о государственном перевороте

The beginning was the adoption of the pension reform

Today Russia is experiencing the first stage of a coup. Now is the creation of an environment in which citizens refuse to support the current regime.

Reports such a statement was made by Russian political scientist Mikhail Delyagin in an interview with journalists from Serbia. He said that the beginning of the coup marked the adoption of the pension reform in Russia, and a direct ideology of this reform is the head of the accounts chamber Alexey Kudrin.

Delyagin said that a coup is going to make the liberals, who want to restore friendly relations between Russia and the West. The analyst reminded that the foreign policy of Vladimir Putin currently precludes the resumption of normal relations with Western countries. “The current President could end the machinations of the liberals, if not for his four deficiencies. The first disadvantage is that it by nature is a Democrat, and therefore takes into account not only the opinion of ordinary citizens, but of a different sort of elite,” – said Delyagin.

According to him, the second drawback of Putin is his humanity that allows the liberals to do away with their Affairs. The third drawback – Putin was never a strategist, he is a tactician, and the fourth drawback, Putin never wants to engage in conflict with the liberal forces in Russia.