In Russia said that Ukraine freezes

В России заявили, что Украина замерзает

This supposedly is due to the refusal from Russian gas

The controversial Kremlin propagandist Olga Skobeeva said that in Ukraine from hypothermia EN masse people die.

According to her, this supposedly is due to the refusal from Russian gas. Ridiculous scary fake odious TV host announced on air of the program “60 minutes” on TV channel “Russia 1”, reports

“In Ukraine, saying evil mother frostbitten ears will sparkle with new, probably, colors. While the new tariffs for heat from the IMF condemned Ukraine to total freezing. Only this winter from frostbite and hypothermia died, just think, 64 people! More than a thousand people, and it is also the official Ukrainian statistics, has suffered!” — with feigned concern announced Skobeeva.