In Russia introduced a state of emergency due to the invasion of polar bears (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

В России ввели режим ЧС из-за нашествия белых медведей (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

Authorities in Arkhangelsk region (Russian Federation) on Saturday introduced a state of emergency on the Novaya Zemlya archipelago due to large concentrations of polar bears around settlements.

This is the BBC.

As the head of the municipal formation of Novaya Zemlya Zigansha Musin, the emergency mode is entered without a time limit – until then, until you ensure the security of the local population.

В России ввели режим ЧС из-за нашествия белых медведей (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

“I’m on a New Land since 1983, but never before has such a massive invasion of polar bears was not. Will resemble, more than five animals not leave the garrison, literally chasing people and even go to the entrances of houses”, – he said.

The authorities have decided to refer to the archipelago the task force, which would prevent the attack of bears on people. Experts hope that the animals will be able to drive without the use of weapons.

“Once the decision to ban shooting, will have to go via the longer and less safe for the locals way. Only near human settlements is about 50 bears, so lots of paperwork – said Musin.

As reported by Deputy head of administration of New Land Alexander Minaev, a large concentration of polar bears observed in the last three months.

“In the area of p. Belushya Lip marked by the presence of 52 polar bears, encroaching into the territory of the settlement. There are cases of aggressive behavior of wild animals attacking people, penetration in homes and offices. Constantly in the village are from six to ten polar bears,” said he.

According to officials, residents have been numerous petitions and requests to ensure the safety of people, including children in schools and kindergartens.

“People are scared, scared to leave their homes, disrupted daily activities, parents are afraid to let their children in schools and kindergartens”, – reported in the report Minaev.

Authorities say that from the first days of the invasion of bears taken necessary measures however in the administration of the municipality recognize the effect they give. So, bears do not react to light and sound signals and attempts to drive them away with patrol cars and dogs.

The Rosprirodnadzor has forbidden the shooting of the most aggressive animals attacking people and chasing them.

The polar bear is the largest land predator on the planet, its population is threatened because of poaching and climate change. In Russia, hunting is prohibited.

On the website of the city district New Earth, published the guidelines how to prevent the attack of the polar bear and how to behave if it happened.

The authors emphasize that people especially polar bears don’t hunt and even shun them, but in some situations can attack.

“If the natural production little or very difficult to produce (it happens more often in late autumn and winter), bears are starving and then in search of food, they flock to the coast, going to the settlements, polar stations and camps of the expeditions. Tend to attract them here food waste in landfills and cutting of marine animals and fish”, – stated in the memo.

It also notes that “the investigation of many cases of bear attacks on people have shown that most people blame themselves for what happened.”

In August it was reported about a hunter from the American city of Yucaipa, California, which seriously wounded they wounded the bear. The man shot at the animal from the bow and ran to the fallen beast, but he was alive and rushed at the offender.