In Russia died one of the most brilliant actors of “jumble” (VIDEO)

В России скончался один из самых ярких актеров «Ералаша» (ВИДЕО)

In Russia at the age of 54 years died actor Nikolay Rumyantsev, known for the newsreel “jumble”.

On the death of the artist told his family, “Vesti” with reference to Russian media.

The cause of death is not known, the date and place of burial is also not yet disclosed.

Rumyantsev was one of the brightest performers in a newsreel “jumble”. The first and most famous of his work in the children’s newsreel was the role of Pete in the series “a Wonderful moment”, which was released in 1975.

In the story, the grandmother asks her grandson, who was going to a hockey game, who will clean it for potatoes, I do not Pushkin Lee. The boy replied: “Pushkin. The dishes Gogol wash. And Leo Tolstoy vacuum”. When the boy returns home, he sees the writers in the mirror.

Also the young actor has played in the episodes “the father, mother and me — United family”, “Why?” “Watch the closing doors!” and many others. The star of “jumble” had been noticed by other Directors.

In 1979 came just two films with the participation of Rumyantsev — “Flew in the Martian autumn night” and “Spring Olympics, or the head of the choir.” However, his acting career did not last long. The young man was drafted into the army. After the service he worked as a car mechanic, and then was engaged in the installation of equipment for hot tubs.

Also, we have previously reported that the Russian actor Sergey Selin, known for his role as Anatoly Dukalis in the TV series “Streets of broken lights” and “Opera. Chronicles of lethal Department”, got in an accident in St. Petersburg.

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