In Russia announced the time of landing on the moon

В России озвучили сроки высадки на Луну

Russia will send the first manned expedition to the moon in 2031. After that, such flights it is planned to make annual.

About it reported in Detail with reference to the document of the head of the scientific Institute of the Russian space Agency.

The explanation States that the crew of the first expedition would have to work out some “operations activities of the astronauts on the moon” and “carry out work on the task of wounds.”

In the 2032-m is scheduled to arrive on the Earth satellite lokomobil – heavy lunar Rover with the possibility of movement of the astronauts, as well as a second expedition, which will be engaged in “testing of vehicles on the surface”. Expedition 2033 will have to travel on unomobile long distances and test robotic systems.

In 2034 is scheduled to start, and 2035-th – the continued construction of the lunar base. Each expedition was named from M1 to M5. They are supposed to conduct two launches heavy missiles – one will orbit manned spacecraft, the second runway complex for landing and the subsequent launch from the moon, and other equipment.

Manned flights should be preceded by two test start in 2028 and 2029 years, respectively, with testing runway complex and the moon orbiting manned spacecraft.

Also, the Federal space Agency finally determined the preferred shape of the carrier rocket heavy class Yenisei, which will be used for missions to the moon. It is a variant with six side blocks with RD-171МВ and the Central unit with the RD-180 engine. Preliminary design of the rocket should be completed by November of this year, and the first launch scheduled for 2028. It is assumed that the missile Enisey sent to the moon, the layout of the new manned spacecraft Federation, he circled her back on the Ground.