In Russia already know how the new President can do with Donbass

В России уже знают, как новый президент Украины может поступить с Донбассом

The new President of Ukraine to radically change the situation with the Donbas, and this will largely depend on the voters who will decide the election.

This opinion was expressed by “Apostrophe” Russian opposition Konstantin Borovoy.

“The most serious and important factor in the development of the situation between Ukraine and Russia is the position of the President of Ukraine. Today his position is an attempt to maintain relative stability. Bad, unnecessary, Ukraine, unfavorable, but the stability. Clearly constrained by any activity in the Donbas. This means that the situation was rotten, and still is.

But in Ukraine, perhaps, will be the new President, who at the initial stage, you may want to resolve this situation is to allow the change of relations between Russia and Ukraine. There may be a radical change. This question will largely depend on the voters who will decide the election – what is more important: stability or the maintenance of this point of instability, which, of course, Russia is interested in. After all, Putin’s main objective was to create a point of instability and the maintenance of it,” – says the expert.