In Russia a meteor blocked the riverbed. Video

В России упавший метеорит перекрыл русло реки. Видео

To the place of state of emergency went specialists dosimeters

In the Khabarovsk territory a meteor destroyed the top of the hill, the rock which blocked the bed of the river Bureya.

It is reported IA “Khabarovsk Krai today” with reference to the head of Khabarovsk region, Alexey Maslov, reports

He said that the incident occurred a few days ago in a deserted area, so did not know about it immediately. According to preliminary data, the channel Bureya covered a few kilometers up from the mouth of the tyrma river, about 70 kilometers from Poselka chekunda:

Apparently, the meteorite was huge, if he could fill the river bed by 40 meters.

Currently, the place went specialists with dosimeters.

“On the Bureya hydroelectric power station a few days were noted that decreased the inflow into the reservoir, but could not determine the cause. Hopefully soon the group will reach the place and find out details,” — said the head of the district. He said that if the water level in the river will rise, this can lead to flooding of nearby villages.